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Keep your car cool in the summer by having XEC professionally install window tint at our new Wellingborough premises, not only does it look stylish but it adds a safety feature if ever your glass was to be smashed. All our tint film offers 99% UV Protection.Established since 1995, we were the first company in Northampton to offer Window Tinting.

Vinyl Wrapping

Becoming very popular is Vinyl Wrapping especially roof wraps, wing-mirror wraps, racing stripes and clear bonnet bras (or bonnet protectors). We are Avery Supreme & 3M Stockists. We can install full vehicle wraps, roof wraps, bonnet wraps, wing-mirror wraps in what ever colour you like at excellent prices - We specialise in Vehicle fleet livery - wrap & printed wrap designs

Plasti Dipping

Plasti Dip is a cheap alternative to vinyl wrapping, WHY?.. Well because it's cheaper then Vinyl, but looks very similar. Becoming very popular in the UK, costing less than premium vinyl it's strong, flexible, air-dry, specialty rubber coating. In fact, it’s the original peelable, insulating, non-slip, durable rubber coating. From the USA coming in many colours, almost as many as vinyl

Window Tinting Course

In-house 1 to 1 training *Certified Certificate*

XEC Car Care are the longest established 'Window Tinting Company' In Northampton. We can teach you 'a thing or two' like, Types of tint and products to use, how to fit the film to flat & curved glass, what requires removal for installation, Preparation of Glass, Types of Tools required.

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Professional Window Tinting in Northampton

  • Looking for some awesome looking window tints? Well look no further! We have been Window Tinting cars in Northamptonshire for over 20 years and are the longest established Window Tinting Company in Northampton. We’ve even trained some of our competitors to tint. Not one matches our quality to price. Summer time is our busiest time for window tinting so we advise you pre book appointments to avoid wait times – call us on 01933 557 019 or 07889 796800 We offer 3 types of tint shades, 5% LIMO, 20% FACTORY and 35% LIGHT CHARCOAL – these are the most popular. We can also

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