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We have been Window Tinting vehicles in Northampton for over 20 years and are the longest established 'Window Tinting Company' in Northamptonshire. We run Training Courses and have even trained some of our competitors to tint.

We would ideally need your vehicle for most part of a day to ensure a perfect installation and all glass passes our final quality checks before handing it back to you. Single Glass and most small 3 door hatchbacks can be installed whilst you wait but we do prefer to book appointments slots to avoid wait times. You can choose between the following tints: 5% LIMO, 20% FACTORY, 35% LIGHT CHARCOAL

All our Tint Films offer 99% UV Protection against harmful UV Rays - safety against glass splinters in the event of accidental breakage, protection of the interior and fantastic privacy as well as sleek styling. Tinted glass also helps with heat reduction into your vehicle to keep you cool in those hot summers!. We also offer Commercial & Residential Tint and Frosting Service, get in touch if you would like to book an appointment. For those of you who would like to DIY tint your own vehicle then please visit our on-line shop where you can buy Tint, Tools and much more - www.signs2stick.selz.com

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Prices below are the price we charge for the type of vehicle, some vehicles require extra work to tint. Contact us for more info

* Price is excluding VAT. All vehicles need to be assessed before a price is given Above is a guide.