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We have been Window Tinting vehicles in Northampton for over 20 years and are the longest established 'Window Tinting Company' in Northamptonshire. We've even trained our competitors to tint, funny eh? Not one match our quality to price.

For us to tint your vehicle, we would require it for the whole day to ensure the film adheres to the windows properly, the times would be 11am to 4:30pm. You can choose between the following tints: 5%, 20% 35%, the popular shades. If you requirs any other shade of tint we might need to order it in, normaly next day.

Tinted windows can offer safety, protection of the interior and privacy. Sometimes known as privacy film to some people. The film can be added to any glass window, not just cars. You can add it to your home, place of work and we offer that service aswell, get in touch if you require that sort of service.

Shades of Window tint

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Window Tinting Prices

Prices below are the price we charge for the type of vehicle, some vehicles require extra work to tint. Contact us for more info

* Price is excluding VAT. All vehicles need to be assessed before a price is given Above is a guide.