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Professional Window Tinting in Northampton

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Looking for some awesome looking window tints?

Well look no further! We have been Window Tinting cars in Northamptonshire for over 20 years and are the longest established Window Tinting Company in Northampton. We’ve even trained some of our competitors to tint. Not one matches our quality to price.

Summer time is our busiest time for window tinting so we advise you pre book appointments to avoid wait times – call us on 01933 557 019 or 07889 796800

We offer 3 types of tint shades, 5% LIMO, 20% FACTORY and 35% LIGHT CHARCOAL – these are the most popular. We can also offer other types such as mirrored, colour and frosted film on request.

So if you’re looking for some great looking window tinting for your vehicle contact us now for a quote

All our window tints come with an 8 year Manufacturers Warranty and a Lifetime Warranty from us for installation.

All our films offer 99% protection against harmful UV Rays.

We also offer Commercial & Residential films

If you’re in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire and you want professional window tinting, get in contact with us for a quote.