Professional Window Tinting in Northampton

Author: nick
Published: 5:44 pm
Updated on: June 2nd, 2017
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Looking for some awesome looking window tints?

Well look no further! We have been Window Tinting cars in Northampton for over 20 years and are the longest established Window Tinting Company in Northampton. We’ve even trained our competitors to tint. Not one matches our quality to price.

Summer time is our busiest time for window tinting, obviously it’s hot, many parents want their children to be safe while driving off in to the sun for a few weeks holiday.

We offer 3 types of tint shades, 5%, 20% and 35% as the most popular. We can also offer other shades on request, many colour tints which by the way isn’t very popular and we rarely ever use it. So if you’re looking for some great looking window tinting for your car, be it a 7 seater, estate car or what ever car you have, you name it, we’ve most likely tinted the same model before.

All our window tints come with a 10 year guarantee. This means if you drive away and you spot a few bubbles days later, just bring the car back to us and we’ll fix it right there and then!

Tinted windows can offer safety, protection of the interior and privacy. Sometimes known as privacy film, or smash film to some people. The film can be added to any glass window, not just cars. You can add it to your home, place of work and we offer that service as well.

If you’re in Northampton and you want professional window tinting, get in contact with us for a quote.